“We’re A Revv Above The Rest”


Chevelle OEM Parts Restoration

We Specialize in restoring your original Chevelle Parts back to Life! 

Are you in search of a trusted service to restore your vintage Chevelle OEM parts to their former glory? Our specialized Chevelle OEM Parts Restoration service is dedicated to bringing your old auto parts back to life. We meticulously clean, prime, and paint your Chevelle parts to match the original color and shine, making them look like new again. From clips to brackets, pullies, fans, and more, we handle it all with precision and care.

Simply send us your parts and we’ll ship them back to you, ready to be installed. Trust us to restore your classic Chevelle parts to their former glory. We are delighted to provide our restoration services to  customers in both Canada and the USA.

Please note that we are unable to accept large car parts such as engines, engine parts, and transmissions at this time.